Artist statement

As an artist I have a great interest in the functioning of systems and the influence of time. Systems that investigate, uncover and provide meaning or order to a particular balance or imbalance. These studies often focus on (re)defining existential values.



Within the artistic proces I use methods of building and designing series: databases, analogue archives, diaries and personal encyclopaedias. These collections form a basis from which the work arises in editing, live presentations or under manipulation of algorithms and in such stimulate the occurrence of Zeitgeist and/or Randomness in both dramaturgy and form of the work.



Hardware and software play an intrinsic role in the development and realisation of the work, as a set-of-tools and as a theme. Fragmented narratives within the work also often originate from philosophy, psychology or history.



I work under the name Barkode. Depending on the nature and size of the project, staff such as assistants, producers, programmers and technicians are employed. This team works under the name Barkode Studio.



Since 1998, Barkode Studio has been developing media art such as audio and video performances, films and video works, installations, sound art, music compositions, radio and podcasts. Barkode Studio curates and produces interdisciplinary art and culture programs for festivals, museums and venues.



Martin de Korte

Founder & Director of BARKODE Studio

Projects of Barkode Studio are kindly supported by:

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